Reputable business that sells top-quality metal products like Woven Brass Wire Mesh, Aluminium Expanded Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh, etc.
The popularity of a metal product manufacturing company is mostly affected by the quality of its goods and the industry experience it possesses. Fortunately, our company, Raj Wire Netting Stores, has been presenting high quality metal-based goods and has gradually grown to be recognized by multiple market clients. Since our inception in the year 1977, we have evolved to become a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of metal items. Our product line, which includes Construction Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Galvanized Iron Welded Wire Mesh, Aluminium Expanded Wire Mesh, Mild Steel Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Iron Wire Netting, Square Perforated Sheet, and many more, is made using high-quality raw materials. Furthermore, we ensure that all of our interactions with clients are totally ethical and transparent.

Our Expertise

Over our considerable years of expertise, which spans more than four decades, we have encountered many obstacles, but we have successfully overcome every single one of them through pure hard work and determination. Also, over the years, we have consistently made sure of the following:

  • We have always put the requirements of customers first and provided the best solutions.
  • We regularly update our product line-up to reflect the most recent market trends.
  • We always maintain the prices of our products far more reasonable than those of our competitors.
  • We are always respectful and honest while conducting business with the customers.
  • We have highly advanced machinery and equipment installed in our facilities despite our long years of existence.

Our Infrastructure & Warehouse

A manufacturing company needs an effective and well-organized infrastructure to increase its productivity. While our infrastructure is built modernly, we have never had issues increasing our production. In our infrastructural facility, the newest technology of machines are installed. Galvanized Iron Welded Wire Mesh, Mild Steel Welded Wire Mesh, Square Perforated Sheet, Construction Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Aluminium Expanded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Iron Wire Netting, and many other top-notch products are produced using all the resources of our infrastructure. Our infrastructure is regularly monitored by a team of specialists that have undergone extensive training. Moreover, a large warehouse is also a part of our infrastructure in which the manufactured products are stored in a secure manner and delivered promptly to customers when the need arises.
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